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Frequently asked questions

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, it’s a wireless technology used to easily share information between two objects when they are in close proximity. Android and iPhones (iPhone 7 or newer) have this technology integrated.

Not a problem!  In case of emergency, instructions are included in the back of your TapMedID Device to go to and enter the ID and PIN number to access your profile.

No, it is not a GPS. However, you and your identified emergency contacts will receive an instant notification that includes the exact location of where the profile was last accessed.

Yes!, on both cases, the phone needs to have an NFC reader . Besides these options, you can access via web as well, by going to and entering the ID and PIN that is found on your TapMedID product.

Yes. Our products are designed for humans and pets of all ages and for many types of activities.

Yes. Privacy and security is our top concern. Access to your information is securely encrypted, ensuring that the only way to access your information is with your ID and PIN.

In order to create your profile, you will need to go to and add all the information, including the ID and PIN located on your TapMedID product.

Yes. When you are an TapMedID user, you will have an account set up, where you can add as many devices as you’d like. All devices associated with your account will identify you as the same unique person, no matter which one you are using at any time.

Users with an TapMedID account, can remotely manage, lock and unlock, and remove or re-assign devices from their account at any time.

No batteries or charging is required! Therefore no cables are needed!

Yes. Our products are designed to be always with you and a big part of that is making sure that all of our devices are water resistant.